The Dangers of Hiring a Freelance Copywriter

Whenever there’s a task or a job that you’re not qualified to do yourself – rewiring a home, plumbing a bathroom, performing brain surgery or writing compelling sales copy – you have to hire somebody else in.

You have to put your trust in that person, and hope they are up to the job.

Hire the right person, and everything you were worried about is taken care of with an amazing outcome.

Hire the wrong person, and things could go very, very badly – especially if it’s life or death.

A freelance copywriter could cripple your marketing – or transform it.

I’ve recently been listening to a podcast called Dr. Death. Sparing you the gory details, it’s about a fully qualified neurosurgeon who is actually terrible at his job. Somehow, he managed to perform spinal surgery on patients without any skill, control or oversight.

He crippled multiple patients and killed two women.

Thankfully as copywriters, we don’t have your  life in our hands. But we do have your livelihood.

We have the power and the potential to completely transform your marketing and sales, grow your business and make you a lot of money. But we also have the ability – intentionally or unintentionally – to cripple it.

A bad freelance copywriter could cost you a ton of money. They could waste all your time and effort. And they could ruin your business and your life, if you’re not careful.

The problems with freelancers

At Hampson Nattan Williams, we’ve all been freelance copywriters – extremely good freelance copywriters in fact – so we know what it’s like. We’ve all heard stories about poor, incompetent and sometimes downright rude freelancers.

We’ve seen first-hand how businesses have been let down by the wrong choice for a freelancer, left struggling because a freelancer didn’t complete the work they promised.  

We’ve regularly been brought in to fix mistakes and pick-up the pieces.

Because although most freelance copywriters do an incredible job for the businesses they work with, a small minority - in every discipline - give the rest of us a bad reputation.

I've been a freelancer, and I've also hired freelancers. So I know the potential pitfalls:

  • It’s hard to know how good they are. You’re hiring them in because you’re not an expert, so you don’t necessarily know how to judge their work effectively.

  • You don’t know if you can trust them.They don’t usually come from a big agency or have a name/brand that you’ve heard. Short of a recommendation, there’s no-one to vouch for them.

  • It can be hard to verify work. Freelancers often work as one cog in a big project, or on behalf of somebody else. Checking the work they said they’ve done can be difficult.

  • They don’t always work the same hours. Many freelancers are erratic. They do their own thing, when they want to. Getting hold of them during business hours can be a challenge.

  • There’s just one of them. You’re reliant on one person, and if something happens to them – they get sick, go on holiday or move onto another project – and you’re left in the lurch.

  • They can easily disappear.There’s very little tying a freelancer down. They like to bugger off on holidays all the time, or even move abroad at the drop of a hat. If they think a project is finished when they’ve given you one draft, they can just seem to disappear.

Hiring a freelancer is always a difficult task.

We understand that you will always have concerns.

It’s your business. Your hard-earned money. You’re investing in marketing but you need to make sure that investment is sound. Worthwhile. Effective.

You wouldn’t just throw your money into the stock market without assessing risk, so why would you just pick a freelancer without spending the effort and the resources making sure they are right for your business.

Unfortunately, that effort can cost time and money.

Remove the risk and get the reassurance you need

Ultimately, finding an expert to do the jobs you’re not qualified for is something every business has to do. You cannot do every task, and the rewards of getting in someone who knows exactly what they’re doing are far greater than the risks of being let down.

The trick is in minimising risk and knowing you can trust whoever you hire.   

We help you minimise that risk. We give you the reassurance you need. And we make sure you can trust us to deliver results.

How? With Triple-Strength Copywriting.

With Triple-Strength Copywriting, you’re not hiring one freelancer. You’re hiring three, highly qualified copywriters, all working together. You’re getting three marketing minds. Three skilled writers. Three times the potential.

You can rest assured you’re getting the very best copywriting for your business. Triple strength, triple checked, best practice. It’s not one person just doing what they think is right. It’s three experienced copywriters, delivering the best possible messaging and content.

We take all the risk out of using a freelance copywriter.

  • It doesn’t matter if we get struck down by man-flu and are unable to lift our fingers to type – there are two others to always pick up the slack.

  • It doesn’t matter if you need some work urgently and one of us has decided to bugger off on holiday – we’ll always be here to help.

  • It doesn’t matter if one of us isn’t quite connecting with your brief – there are two other minds to get to the bottom of exactly what you need and deliver the results that count.

You get agency-level expertise and delivery – without the overhead costs.

And most importantly, we don’t disappear at the end of a project. That’s where we’re just getting started, with data-driven content.

We give you best practice writing the first time around, and then we get to work testing and improving to ensure your marketing is as effective as possible. The best it can be.

We’re not here to jump from client to client, delivering a bit of work and then disappearing.

We’re here to be your marketing partner. To grow your business. To deliver big results.

We’re not about to cripple your marketing. We’re about to help your business stand tall and soar.

We’re using words to win business for you. Want to learn more?