It’s About Collaboration

Hampson Nattan Williams.

Ben Hampson of BJ Hampson. Andrew Nattan of 603 Copywriting. Martin J Williams of UK Copywriting.

Three expert copywriters running three successful businesses.

Why would three of Manchester’s leading freelance copywriters decide to share their hard-won experience, skills and specialities with each other?

Why would three successful business owners decide to put their own companies to one side to work with their main competitors?

It’s about collaboration.

Changing the Conversation

Why collaborate? To be heard. To change the conversation businesses are having about content. About marketing. About advertising.

The loudest voices in the advertising industries are owned by agencies.

Agencies tend to be owned by people with backgrounds as account managers or visual creatives.

So the conversation is about giving clients what they want. About showing them visuals they like.

What’s good marketing?

Is it really “what the client likes?”

We Don’t Care What You Like

Marketing is about what works.

The greatest sales letter of all time was three sides of A4 paper.

Courier New font in black ink on a white background.

No images. No logo. It made the Wall Street Journal $2bn in additional revenue.


Because the words win business.

That’s why we’re collaborating. Because that’s the conversation we want to have.

Which words will win you business?

And how can we find out what they are?

Best Practice. Not Best Guess.

Collaboration makes it easier to find the right words.

Three experts tackling one problem. Three times the chance that we’ll stumble on that winning combination of concept, psychology and craft to appeal to the widest possible audience.

Still not good enough.

Collaboration doesn’t just let us throw more mud at a wall.

It gives us the freedom to see what sticks.

It’s not a matter of one writer arguing with one client over who has the right opinion.

It’s three writers presenting peer reviewed work and putting it to the test with performance analysis.

Continual refinement. Continual improvement. Constant collaboration.

Data-Driven Copywriting

Why collaborate? Because it gives us the freedom to make the conversation about content that delivers results.

Because it gives us the freedom to test ideas on each other before presenting them to the client.

Because it gives us the capacity to use performance data to continually improve the work we do.

Why collaborate?

Because it’s going to win us, and our clients, a lot of business.

Want to be one of the first businesses to collaborate with us and beat the competition? Get in touch.