Triple Strength Copywriting

I’ve worked in-house for two agencies.

I’ve run a successful freelance copywriting business.

I’ve written hundreds of thousands of pages of website copy, audio scripts, sales letters…

The process is simple. It’s a straight line.

Brief > Market Research > Draft > Client Feedback > Live

Sometimes the line’s longer.

Brief > Market Research > Draft > Client Feedback > Draft > Client Feedback > Live

As far as processes go, it works. To a point.

One writer giving his best effort, a client giving her opinions, and content that’s at best a combination of the two and at worst a compromise.

The first thing we decided to do when we launched Hampson Nattan Williams was to improve that process.

More chances to hone the message. More opportunities to add real-world data. More opportunities to improve the copy.

A process that isn’t just a line.

What we came up with was this:

HNW Process - Final.jpeg

The only thing we kept was the brief.

Three Strands of Research

The first thing we did was open up the research. Three strands, bringing in input from key sources.

End User Interviews

End users are overlooked in a linear process. The writer might draft up a persona, an idealised version of the end user, based on feedback from the clients, but the target audience isn’t involved until the copy is live.

We’ve put the target audience first. In-depth conversations with past or existing customers. What do they like? What don’t they like? What do they think is important?

Turns out that customers don’t always want what you think they want.

In-Depth Sector Research

No business operates in a vacuum.

What your competitors say, or don’t say, is just as important as what you say. If all of the businesses in a niche are telling the world they’re offering the most reliable product on the market, using that same pitch just adds another bullshitter to the pile.

If everyone is fighting to get through the front door, the right research can often show that there’s a side entrance that a different message can just skip through.

Key Stakeholder Interviews

Only sole traders know every single inch of their business.

By opening up interviews to bring in feedback from key stakeholders throughout a business, from the boardroom to the shop floor, we’re able to understand everything that a company offers to customers.

Every organisation has hidden insight at every level of the business. It’s our job to uncover those insights.

Taking the Right Tone

Having the right research is a good start. But it’s only a start.

A message lives or dies on tone of voice.

It’s how a message is delivered. How it’s heard. How it’s understood.

By taking the time to fully discover and define a brand’s tone of voice during a full day workshop, we’re able to make sure that messages always hit the mark.

Improving the Draft

Copy by committee doesn’t work.

It never has. It never will.

But how can an agency with access to three of the leading copywriters in the UK leave it to just one of them to deliver a draft?

That’s the problem we faced. Trying to pour all of the knowledge and expertise we have into every single piece of work, without ending up with a draft that looks like it was pieced together by a committee.

That’s why we implemented a copy peer review.

Every first draft is written the way a first draft should be. By a single writer, taking responsibility for the message.

Then it’s handed on for review and editing. Feedback from multiple writers to hone every single sentence.

All the client needs to do is check it for accuracy. Then it’s ready to publish. By taking the responsibility for editing and feedback from the client and handing it to professionals, we ensure that every draft is as good as it can be.


Data Driven Copy

Why is it that a copywriter’s involvement with the content ends just when the content’s work is only beginning?

Hampson Nattan Williams didn’t want to hand over a draft, collect our payment and walk away.

When the content starts work, so does our analysis process.

Split testing, performance tracking and continual improvements mean that content is constantly honed and updated to ensure that it’s delivering the best possible return on an investment.

Copy driven by data.

It’s an approach that ensures every word we write wins business.

Ready to implement that approach yourself? Get our help to improve your revenue.