Why Hampson Nattan Williams is Running a Copywriting Conference

If you’ve followed us on Twitter, met any of the three of us for a meeting or a coffee, or attending any of the networking events Martin speaks at, chances are that you’ll have heard two words in close proximity to Hampson Nattan Williams:

Creative North

It’s Manchester’s first copywriting, content and creative conference, and it’s taking place on June 7th at the Royal Exchange Theatre. But this isn’t a post to talk about the conference, or the speakers, or the value in attending for you or your business.

This is an explanation. An answer to a question we keep getting asked.

Why is Hampson Nattan Williams running a copywriting conference?

Putting message first

Manchester’s hardly short of meetups, conferences and workshops. Business Growth Hub offer invaluable advice for startups and growing businesses, Simon Wharton and the team at PushOn have had great success with their SEO conference SAScon, and there are a host of events for designers and developers of all stripes.

But what about the message?

We’re not doing down the hard work of business developers, search engine experts and designers in Manchester. The work done in this city is why the three of us have resisted the siren call of London.

But as we’ve said before, when it comes to putting your business in front of potential clients, it’s message first. Always.

Creative North is all about helping people to perfect that message. Once that’s right, your growth, your search marketing, the design of your assets - they all just fall into place.

It’s about collaboration

Hampson Nattan Williams was founded on collaboration. Three expert copywriters coming together to pool our expertise and do better, more effective work for our clients.

Creative North is that desire to collaborate writ large.

Collaborating to get the first ever copywriting conference in Manchester off the ground.

Collaboration with our speakers, whether they’re local experts like Naomi Timperley, or plying their trade across the pond like Anna Pickard.

And most of all, Creative North is about collaboration with our delegates, who’ll all benefit from this pooled expertise to do better, more effective work for their clients. Just like Hampson Nattan Williams is doing.

Because this is Manchester

And Manchester deserves a fantastic conference for copywriters, content creators, and communicators.

Manchester is a creative and technological hub. It’s the centre of the Northern Powerhouse.

And much like we saw the need for a message-led marketing agency to serve the needs of Manchester’s growing tech sector, we saw a need for a conference to inspire, educate and empower Manchester’s creative sector.

Creative North is what Manchester deserves.

Why is Hampson Nattan Williams running a copywriting conference?

Because it’s what Manchester demands.

It’s our pleasure to run an event which blends the importance of messaging with the power of collaboration and a splash of civic pride.

And it’ll be our pleasure to welcome you when you join us on June 7th.

Creative North presents The Future of Content - Tickets Available, £297.00 +VAT