Ben Hampson


Storyteller. Communicator. Copywriter.

Connecting with customers is all about telling the right story. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing for American politicians, British startups, or globally-recognised multinationals. The right results come from using the right words to create the right message.

A portfolio with thousands of satisfied customers? Right message.

Delivering increased revenue for each of those satisfied clients? Right result.

You can’t buy experience. But you can hire it.


Andrew Nattan


Agitator. Business Builder. Copywriter.

If a history degree and sales skills honed over an 11 year career in SEO copywriting and digital marketing teach you nothing else, they teach you how to make a compelling argument.

To put the right words, in the right order, to get the right results.

The right results?

Millions of pounds of client revenue.

You can't buy experience. But you can hire it.


Martin J. Williams


Songwriter. Salesman. Copywriter.

Writing love songs or selling sunglasses? Trading in China or promoting new technologies? It’s all about a well-crafted message. A message that persuades, that compels, that converts.

Over 20 years of preparation, training and writing to create that perfect message.

Messages that help businesses drive results.

Results that include thousands of pounds of revenue.

You can't buy experience. But you can hire it.