Will the Real You Please Stand Up?

Your tone of voice defines your brand.

It speaks to your customers.

So who are you?



Tone of Voice Workshops

Ask yourself, if you employed someone new tomorrow, hired a PR or marketing company, or opened a new office, could you trust them to use the right language?

Do you have a set of brand tone of voice guidelines for them to follow? 


You should.

Your smart competition has. 

So what tone of voice reflects your business? 

Honest? Trustworthy? Reliable? Everyone says that. 

You don’t want to be like everyone.

You want to be like you.

Whether you’re playful, childlike and innocent.

A gentleman storyteller with a whisky-warm tone.

Or direct, simple, and everything you say on the tin.

So you need to find out what it is. You and your team. Openly, honestly and with plenty of discussion.

Our unique TOV toolkit helps you find your true voice.

Only you know what your tone should be.

Talk to us now about the many ways our tone of voice workshop can improve your marketing.